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WCF Memorial Wall

The Wamego Community Foundation established this Wamego Community Foundation Memorial Wall in 2018 to honor the memory of various loved ones from Wamego and the surrounding area who are now departed.  In so creating and dedicating this Memorial Wall, the Wamego Foundation also wishes to acknowledge and recognize the generous spirit and support of those families and friends who directed that specified charitable funds held by or in the name of the Wamego Foundation be the recipients of meaningful gifts given by them in memory of loved ones who have passed.  Throughout their lives, those memorialized here on this Wall are especially and fondly remembered for their unselfish and continuing devotion, service and giving throughout their lives to the Wamego community they were known to dearly love and cherish.  To honor the lasting love of family and others who knew them, this virtual Wall is dedicated both to their memory and to reflect the appreciation of the Wamego Community Foundation and the Wamego community to all those who have continued this spirit of service, giving and devotion.  By directing that memorials in the name of those who have passed be designated for charitable and philanthropic causes undertaken by the Wamego Foundation, these gifts have benefitted expendable and endowed Wamego Foundation funds which are available and dedicated for grants and giving to current causes, as well as to fund the lasting legacy of endowed memorial gifts to provide funds and grants for future giving.

For those who visit this site and pause to reflect upon the individuals who are memorialized here, should you shed a tear or smile while absorbed in thought of loved ones passed, we are reminded that both such emotions and reflections are forever linked by the common thread of fond remembrance for those we have been blessed to know and love and our celebration of their lives now passed from us.  And in this remembrance, we live not for the past but for the love and happiness we enjoy for today and for each tomorrow we share with family and friends as we continue to be blessed to know and to love and to cherish our time together, just as those who are remembered on this Memorial Wall did in days now gone by.

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