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Wamego Foundation Partnering Opportunities

Partnering Opportunities Generally

Based on experience, the Manhattan and Wamego Foundations are acutely aware of how seriously Professional Advisors view their obligation to assist their clients.  This includes the responsibility of Advisors to stay up-to-date on changes in laws and sources of information that assist the Advisor in providing gifting advice and charitable giving options for the Advisor’s clients.  In helping the Advisor to meet this objective of providing such guidance to clients, both the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation are available and always receptive to being considered as a resource for embarking on conversations with both Advisor and clients about planned giving, and also in providing the latest research into planned giving options then available to GMCF and WCF.  In furtherance of their missions, both Foundations are committed to helping  Advisors that provide  such professional services to their clients and, particularly, in assisting Advisors in implementing and facilitating various forms of charitable giving. 

The following represent some of the services which the Manhattan Foundation and Wamego Foundation can offer and provide to Advisors: 

  • Provide various legal document forms and offer to assist Advisors in counseling clients on giving instruments and funding options available for effective and efficient giving;
  • Provide professional staff personnel who are able to assist in illustrating, projecting, drafting and reviewing  documents to be used in carrying out the donor client’s gift giving goals;
  • Provide assistance in the drafting and implementation of strategic giving plans for an Advisor’s clients and their families;
  • Provide staff assistance in the undertaking to provide resources committed to  grant making research, recommendations, and successful outcomes;
  • Provide staff research and available information and guidance on current charitable needs of communities and their various charitable funds, grant resources and donor giving commitments.

Staffs from both the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation are consistently available for the scheduling of confidential consultations with Advisors, clients and other donors at no cost to these individuals or entities. For more information or to set up an appointment with either or both of these Foundations, contact the Wamego Foundation at 785-477-3277 and the Manhattan Foundation at 785-587-8995.

For more research on planned giving, here are web sites with additional and comprehensive information which are considered to be valuable and of interest to Advisors and their clients:

  • National Committee on Planned Giving - www.ncpg.org 
    Objective:  to increase the quality and quantity of charitable planned gifts by serving as the voice and a professional resource for the gift planning community. 
  • Council on Foundations - www.cof.org. 
    An association of foundations that promote effective and responsible philanthropy. 
  • Kansas Association of Community Foundations -http://www.kansascfs.org/advisors.cfm.
    By partnering with Kansas community foundations, Professional Advisors are able to help their clients further advance their wishes to fulfill their personal charitable goals. 

Benefits from WCF-Advisor Partnering

The Wamego Community Foundation, in concert with the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, continues to strive to make it easier than ever for Professional Advisors to partner and work with both Foundations in creating and funding charitable causes and projects by and for their donor clients.   Through such partnerships with GMCF and WCF, Advisors are in a position in many instances to both continue to manage the assets of their clients while at the same time helping those clients continue with their personal tax planning and helping them achieve their charitable goals.


In addition, by partnering with both the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation as an affiliate and component fund of GMCF, Professional Advisors will be connecting their donor clients and fund creators with the combined charitable capabilities and efforts of one of the most reputable and recognized and trusted philanthropic leaders and organizations located in this area of Kansas.  With the assistance and participation of the Manhattan Foundation and the affiliated Wamego Foundation as partners in charitable giving,  Advisors can rely on support for those causes their clients care about most while at the same time assuring that their clients will be gaining advice and maximum tax benefits under applicable federal and state tax laws.  The Manhattan Foundation and Wamego Foundation both offer a variety of giving programs and fund and donor options designed to enable the clients of Professional Advisors to achieve their charitable giving objectives.

Of particular significance to legal and financial advisors, in guiding and advising their gift giving clients and fund donors, is the fact that community foundations such as GMCF and WCF provide an attractive, cost-effective, meaningful and time saving alternative for those clients who may be considering the establishment of a private foundation.  In a partnering consultation with these Foundations and their Advisors, the client/donor will receive advice relating to the superior tax advantages that can be gained through associating with a community foundation.  Furthermore, these clients will also be freed from lengthy and time-consuming annual reporting requirements and will have valuable access to continuing guidance and advice regarding candidates for receipt of grants made periodically from the donor’s fund from time to time.

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