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Guidelines for Partnering with the Wamego Community Foundation

During the initial discovery phase of client meetings, an Advisor will often have the opportunity to ask about the client's charitable and philanthropic interests. Given the client's interest in making a gift, the Advisor is able to educate the client about his or her various giving options, recommend an option that fits both the client’s gifting preferences and his or her financial circumstances and assist each of them in implementing the gifting plan they choose.

No two clients have the same charitable interests. The Manhattan and Wamego Foundations are available to help Advisors and donor clients find solutions that are most effective and efficient in meeting their client's current and future charitable intentions and objectives. Throughout this process Advisors will have a unique opportunity to help your clients realize that they can indeed make a difference in their world by helping to build stronger and closer communities and changing the lives of many within those communities through their charitable gifts.
The following consists of seven questions related to charitable giving which Professional Advisors may address with their clients when the opportunity to do so presents itself: 

  1. Does the Advisor have a client who cares deeply about his or her community and/or a charity?
  2. Does the client currently give or plan to give to more than one charitable cause?
  3. Is the client interested in creating a personal or family endowed legacy in their community?
  4. Has the client indicated that he or she would like to stay personally and continuously involved by recommending one or more applications and uses for gifts made from the fund or funds they establish?
  5. Does the client want to receive a current or deferred maximum tax benefit for the client’s charitable contributions pursuant to current or future provisions of federal tax law and state tax law?
  6. Does the client place a current and future priority on the sound financial and investment management of their contributions?
  7. Is the client considering the creation of a private foundation and in doing so, has the client expressed any concern about the cost, the administrative complexities and/or the amount of time involved in establishing, administering and maintaining a private foundation?

If a Professional Advisor answers yes to any of these questions, the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation would, at the request of Advisor and client, look forward to meeting with the Advisor and the Advisor’s client to explain in detail how the client would benefit from knowing more about these two Foundations. Under such circumstances, the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation welcome opportunities to partner with Advisors in devising and implementing plans for the management of the client’s financial portfolio and charitable giving interests.

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