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Donors and Donation Structuring

Donation Structuring

One of the major objectives of the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation is to simplify charitable giving and fund creation and make it understandable for all donors. For example, a single donor contribution may be structured in a manner which addresses a number of charitable needs and causes, or it may be structured to benefit multiple organizations and the charitable programs and services they provide to the Wamego community.  Donors and their Advisors may also, if they so wish and direct, determine the giving and granting methods and the time frame for each.
As public charities, the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation can also assist in planning and structuring donations in a manner which creates substantial tax advantages and provides guidance in making these tax deductible benefits available to donors.  Consequently, undertaking gift planning in advance enables individuals, corporations and other entities to further their philanthropic goals by making the additional monies derived from savings in tax liabilities available for further donations to the charitable funds they create instead.  In addition, as also explained elsewhere in this website, donors are able to avoid the high monetary costs and time-consuming tasks associated with establishing a private foundation by utilizing the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation as conduits and instruments for their charitable giving. 

The Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation both also have the experience, the expertise and the flexibility to amend and restructure and adapt gifting plans to changing conditions in the community.  As a result, if the original intended use of particular donor gifts are no longer in existence or are no longer feasible or available, the donor, the heirs of the donor, and/or the governing bodies of these respective Foundations are able to direct that monies held in the affected fund or funds are to be applied and used for other purposes which are closely related to and resemble a donor's original interests and charitable intent.

Donor List for Previous Years

Each and every donor gift does have a positive impact throughout the Wamego Community and surrounding area, no matter who the donor is and no matter how large or small the gift.  The Wamego Foundation, its governing board and staff expresses their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the many donors who give and support wide and diverse charitable and philanthropic causes, services and projects in the wonderful and caring Wamego community.  For a list of donations and gifts made to the Wamego Foundation during previous calendar years, interested parties and patrons my contact the Wamego Foundation using the contact information provided in this website.

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