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Fund Creation and Giving Options for Donors

Individuals will have several options to consider and evaluate when they work with the Wamego Foundation and the Manhattan Foundation in arriving at charitable giving decisions.  These options include the type of fund they desire to create, the charitable causes they wish to fund and support and the procedures to be followed in grant making and gift giving from their fund.  In this regard, donors may select: 

  • the type of fund that best meets their charitable giving objectives and goals,
  • the name of the fund to be created and funded by them,
  • If they desire, selection of their own professional advisor to invest and manage the fund’s assets,
  • the type of gifts they want to consider and make as they initiate and then grow the fund over time, and
  • the manner in which other individuals or entities are chosen and which the donor directs are to be involved in the fund’s giving process.

Additional details and information describing various donor options are included and may be reviewed on this website under the section entitled “For Donors”.

If a donor (whether as an individual or as a client of a professional advisor) is considering forming a private foundation, the Wamego Foundation and Manhattan Foundation strongly encourage them to explore the various advantages a community foundation can offer and deliver, including the various types of fund structures that are available.  Such donors should also give careful consideration to the significantly higher costs and time requirements associated with the creation and administration of a separate private foundation, both initially and over the years the private foundation will be in existence.

If you have questions about donor options provided by and through the Manhattan Foundation and Wamego Foundation, please feel free to contact them for more information.  Both WCF and GMCF are here as an integral part of the communities they serve and are available to provide guidance, assistance and advice in helping donors direct their charitable desires to fruition and the realization of their charitable giving objectives. 

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