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The Basics of Charitable Giving

The Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation both have the experience and expertise to help donors of all persuasions who are planning to make gifts to their favorite charitable cause, whether the prospective donor is an individual, a corporation or another form of entity or organization. Making a charitable gift is a very important decision and the Manhattan Foundation and the Wamego Foundation and their staffs and governing bodies are available to help donors formulate a plan for giving that supports their charitable objectives.  

The information on both this WCF website and the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation Website is designed to assist a potential donor in discovering, exploring and identifying the many causes donors care about, including various gift options that are available, as well as guiding the donor through the process of implementing a charitable giving plan. In formulating a gifting plan, most individuals seek to (1) provide assurance that they are financially secure, (2) provide for their families, and (3) provide a meaningful program for giving back to their communities and favorite charities.
To this end, both the Wamego Foundation and the Manhattan Foundation and their personnel look forward to meeting with and helping prospective donors reach their charitable goals and achieve the gift granting preferences they develop.

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